Time-Lapse of a storm rolling over the Chateau

Hey guys, I still haven’t finished updating this blog, almost done though! got busy with putting up my website. check it check it. http://irisfong.com

So I actually made this time lapse back in Fontainebleau, just procrastinated on finding a good export option because I suck at it. enjoy.

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Last Workshop- Performances

The final week at Fontainebleau. Preparation, Progress, and Final Production

4 groups- 5 architects per group + 1 composer + as many musicians as possible.

Thank you to all the musicians that helped us out! There wouldn’t have been much of a performance without you guys

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The Best Macarons in Paris

If you’re ever in Paris, definitely go to Laduree and treat yourself to some Macarons, you deserve it. It’s close by the St. Germain des Pres.

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Monet’s House and Garden

Another cross-off on my bucket list!

It was a bit of a trek- From Fontainebleau to Paris (40 min. train). Gare de Lyon to Gare de St. Lazare (25 min. subway). Paris to Vernon, (50 min. fast train ride) + shuttle bus (15 min.) from Vernon to Giverny. But we did it! Unfortunately the only accessible parts of Monet’s house were the walk paths in between the ponds and flowers and no photo taking allowed in his house. Nonetheless the first site of the plants and flowers at the site immediately flashed in image if his paintings in my mind and managed to get one decent sketch in my tiny moleskin. The lily pads and willow trees! .. the bridge seemed a bit off though…

I don’t usually photograph flowers and gardens this compulsively, or ever.

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Natash’s Big Round Ball

Probably the most fun I had for that final workshop week, watching Natash building this sphere out of productivity’s sake and rolling it in the path of the tourists’ cameras. Here’s a 3 second video of that glorious moment.

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Dinner Party at a Beautiful House

Beautiful house, wonderful people, and the best potatoes, ever.

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Behind Broken Door Locks

The Chateau behind broken door locks

Uhm yea.. places we accidentally stumbled upon to, except for all the extra¬†easels¬†and chairs- that’s just bad storage decorum.

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